Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Ok, so....never mind about the crib. This morning Mikan was acting pretty irritated, and the nurse thought it may have been due to the noise, so they stuck him back in his box. He was maintaining body temperature fine, but they didn't want him burning any extra calories to do so. He needs enough energy to develop his lungs. The doctor told us this morning that 9 out of 10 babies born at Mikan's gestation would be off the vent by now. That was real reassuring. He said if his oxygen needs continue to rise, he may consider giving him an extra small dose of steroids just to help wean his needs a little before he gives the recommended dose at 34 weeks. He switched to a different type of vent today that helps aid the breaths he initiates a little more. So far today his blood gases were good and his oxygen needs slightly decreased on the new vent. Mikan also had an eye exam tonight. His eyes are immature, but that is typical, so far no signs of retina detachment.

Adrienne visited today and we went out to lunch at CJ's Pub. John and I are trying to get out more since he is on spring break. Anyone up for going to see Semi Pro?


Aunt Deb said...

John and Jenna
I worked in the NICU a long time ago and took care of 31 newborn babies that were drug exposed in my home. One of those was a 23 weeker. She had surgery for PDA, was on a vent and had stage 3 retinopathy, horrible reflux and still on oxygen at 7 months BUT she is now three and perfectly healthy with no residual effects of her premature birth. Hang in there, miracles do happen.

trustmeiloveyou2 said...

Mrs, Gensic.
I have been checking in on this website ever since Mrs, VanOVERBERGHE told me about it and showed us pictures..
I am glad to see everything is going well.
I really miss you as my teacher and Macee misses you too.
I hope to see you next year, give that little guy alot of love.. He's a fighter and so are you:]
I love you lots.