Thursday, April 10, 2008


Mikan continues to fluctuate on his respiratory support. The doctor adjusts settings every once in a while to see if Mikan enjoys them. Tomorrow we are going to talk with the doctor about possible longer-term issues with babies with chronic lung disease. Today we bought another day where his requirements really didn't go up so there were no steroids given.

Being in the hospital for around 8 weeks, we have favorite nurses and not so favorite nurses. Today we had a not so favorite nurse. At this point, it is frustrating to get a nurse that has not had Mikan at least a couple of times in the past. Nurses who have had Mikan, know him, they know us, and we're adjusted. Its tough to watch a different nurse relearn his quirks everyday. Namely, he likes to keep his feeding tube open to pass gas. He likes to be handled gently. He doesn't appreciate loudness. He responds better to the Yoda blanket than the Darth Vader blanket.

The doctor told us today that Mikan will be in the NICU for longer than originally anticipated. I think this is because Mikan knows his mom likes to stay in a place that is warm, but his dad wants to keep the house thermostat at 50 degrees until the summer. Or there is something wrong with his lungs. One of the two, depends on how you interpret the lung x-ray.


Aunt Deb said...

wow! I thought I was warm at 65 degrees, 50 degrees even beats this menopausal girl! Long term chronic lung problems could be as simple as going home on Oxygen for awhile and getting an injection of Synagist every Fall to prevent RSV. All very easy to manage after everything you have been through so far. You continue to be in my prayers and thoughts

John Gensic said...

We are very thankful for Aunt Deb's perspective on the situation.
John and Jenna