Sunday, April 13, 2008


I don't know how to pronounce much less spell the bug found in Mikan's trachea today. The doctor said it is a bug not usually found in the trachea, but the antibiotics he has been taking are known to take care of it. So right now Mikan will be on the antibiotic for at least another 5 days, being watched closely. The doctor was concerned because both the nurse and I noticed Mikan looked a little more lethargic today than usual, but his vitals appear normal. He is also a little worried about Mikan's urine output, which is low. He is still retaining fluid. This may be due to hyperexpanded lungs. Because his lungs are hyperexpanded, the blood flow to and from his heart may be less than normal. This lessened blood flow is thought to decrease the kidney flow and thus the urine output. Got it?
His vent settings were slightly altered again today and he will be closely monitored throughout the evening.

Mikan was once again placed in a crib today. However, one of the wheels broke and he had to be moved out of it soon afterwards. The hospital didn't have any extra cribs, so he was put back in a warmer (not an isolette). I got a few pictures before this happened though. Yeah, the NICU is out of cribs. Yeah, the NICU is out of cribs.

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