Sunday, April 6, 2008


Things remain the same. Mikan still hasn't made any progress on the vent. He is still fluid restricted so that he can lose the extra weight he has gained. He looks much better though and is still tolerating his feedings. The doctor keeps talking about steroids for Mikan within a few weeks. Apparently these steroids are different from the steroids that were injected in me while I was on bed rest. The steroids I received worked because they were meant for brain development. The steroids Mikan would receive would help to heal the lung scarring he's received while on the vent. There are still side effects to the steroids; however, the risk appears minimal. The longer Mikan is on the vent, the longer his lungs will continue to be damaged as well.

It was good to visit with the McCoys yesterday. Having all four of them fight over who gets to sit next to me in the car will never get old. I think a few of them even tried to call "walking next to Jenna wherever we go for the rest of the day!" I'm just a little spoiled now with the attention. I hope I can cope ok and my self-confidence won't take a nosedive when they all grow up and lose interest in sitting next to me wherever we go.

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anastasiaK said...

He's just so beautiful! Keep up the good work, you two!

Jenna-- I know how you feel about the McCoys. I had the same thing with Jake-Ben-Sam-Paul-Matt. After practically living at their house through my high school years, they used to get so thrilled when I'd come visit during college. Then they only got excited if I brought "That Joe Guy." Then I showed up one time without him and they didn't want anything to do with me. Ouch!