Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday: Day One of Steroids

Well after receiving dose #1 of steroids, Mikan has already shown a little improvement. Nurse George weaned him down to 40% oxygen today. He started at 65% this morning. Nice job George...or maybe it was the 1/2 cc of roids. So far no visible signs of "roid rage"; however, we've been warned that it may come soon. Mikan finally has his own crib now. it is a new one and less scary looking than the chrome one. After sharing his room with a term baby with gestational diabetes this morning, he is back to living solo. He likes it better that way. Those crying babies without vents get irritating sometimes.

The Kartje's came to New Carlisle to help us get our house together. Their work was greatly appreciated. We painted two rooms and organized Mikan's nursery. He now has a crib and changing table. We're ready for him when he's ready for us.

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