Monday, April 28, 2008


Mikan is back on the jet vent now. His oxygen requirements went up to 75% last night and remained this morning. He is now in 80% oxygen and holding steady. They altered the jet vent settings a couple of times today in efforts to improve his carbon dioxide levels which had modest effects. Mikan has the doctors experimenting. Mikan may get a second round of steroids earlier than originally planned if his status continues to decline much further.

Does anyone know what the March of Dimes does? So far, I've seen that they offer support groups online, fund research, and provide information online. It seems like they do a lot of advertising also. They also have pictures of "premature" babies without any tubes or cords attached to their bodies. Maybe just a feeding tube. Realistic.

Mikan is cute. If you have not seen him in person, he is remarkable. He does this thing where he does a mute cry for about 3 seconds and then doesn't hear himself so he stops while transitioning into a yawn. He also does this thing where he arches his back in pain looking like he could roll over, but he is just bearing down on his ventilator tube. He also does this thing where when you hold him it feels like the ventilator has popped out of his body as he farts. I enjoy blaming any odors on my son.


Babette said...

hey guys I just found out about the blog on sunday. Trust me he will suprise you with many more smells so enjoy them all.

Aunt Deb said...

Yes, the March of Dimes collects money for research and educational efforts for the prevention of premature births. They started with collecting dimes for Polio research a long time ago. Now their focus is preventing prematurity through education. It is a great cause. My feeling is that they are trying to educate women on the dangers of drugs,smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy. They also educate parents on genetic testing and birth defects. Drugs and smoking cause a lot of premature births and low birth weights. They have a lot of free information and a book for parents of babies born prematurely. I downloaded information about babies exposed to illegal drugs and alcohol years ago. Thats all I know about them.