Monday, April 7, 2008


Unfortunately, Mikan's oxygen needs remain high. The doctor was explaining all of the different ways the steroids could be administered to him. Regardless of the dose, nothing will probably happen for the next several days. Our day nurse was roughing Mikan up today, a little more aggressive with him than we were comfortable with, jerking his limbs around joking about being clumsy and bumping his ventilator tubes out of place. I laughed nervously while secretly thinking, "What's so funny about my baby not breathing! Give him his air back and leave him alone!" I suppose he has to get used to it sometime. But today he was taken out of his isolette and placed in a crib. He no longer lives in a clear box. Instead he has a chrome crib. John calls it a jail because of all the bars. I call it a pimp crib. We'll post pictures tomorrow. He is maintaining his body temperature well and now we get to dress him all the time to keep him warm. All of his preemie outfits are huge, but he's doing a great job looking ridiculously cute in everything.

Today Nina Kartje visited and gave Mikan a pep talk on getting off the vent. So far this evening while we've been holding him his oxygen has been down a little. Perhaps it is working. Or maybe he'll have to get "juiced up" in a week. We'll see.


Jo said...

Just wanted to let you know we're still pulling and praying for you.
Jenna & John, you are both remarkable parents for little Mikan. God found him a couple of strong, gentle, loving, feisty, patient, smart, good-humored parents.
I love the pictures especially when you're holding him. Thanks for sharing the stories of things you're witnessing everyday. Nurse X better look out for MamaJenna and not mess with her cub!
Love ya,
Aunt Jo

Mom Kartje said...

I knew Mikan was listening to his Nina! It was the playing in the sandbox with all the trucks conversation that opened his eyes. Good job Mikan! We love you! Nina