Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday and Tuesday

On Monday morning Mikan required around 80% oxygen. In mid morning the doctor adjusted some of the pressure settings and he finished the day at around 55% oxygen. He has been more consistent over the past 48 hours in terms of his oxygen saturation. However, he looks pretty puffy after the last blood transfusion. His total output is being measured for this reason. The NICU has a special isolation room for babies with infectious diseases. Because this room is not being used by any infectious babies right now, Mikan gets to use this room. This limits the noises and light which sometimes irritate him and me.

Mikan will be on antibiotics until the end of this week. He may or may not need steroids once the antibiotics have run their course. We'll see. The doctor is leaning toward the fact we'll have to use them.
Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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