Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mikan's First Bath Day

Mikan is really missing the roids, although he won't admit it. His oxygen is back up to 60% and his vent rate is 25 breaths per minute. He had bad blood gases this morning and afternoon. The doctors don't know how to fix him. One doctor this morning referred to Mikan as a "puzzle" after staring at his vent and making several changes that weren't very effective. That was comforting. He remained pretty steady for the remainder of the day.

Yesterday Lindsey and David were in town from Atlanta and came to visit us. The mobile they brought is in Mikan's bed. I think he likes it. He hasn't complained yet.

Today was Mikan's first tub bath (as opposed to a wipe down with a rag). The nurse spilled water all over the floor, herself, and his bed in the process of bringing the tub to the crib, but overall (despite the crazed look from the pictures) we think he enjoyed it. He didn't cry, he just appeared shell shocked.

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Life in the Bend said...

His eyes look so perceptive! I agree that he is starting to get more and more handsome.