Friday, April 18, 2008

Look Everyone, I Do Have an Upper Lip.

Well, Mikan received his final dose of antibiotic today. Tomorrow is the big day for steroids. We hope they work quickly. The baby next to Mikan is a 25 1/2 weeker, born 2 weeks after him. She is getting off the vent tomorrow. It's extremely discouraging to see this happen around us even though we are happy for the parents and the babies. It just reminds us that Mikan is not following the average track, although everything he experiences is "common." George the nurse seemed to think that Mikan would be ready to be off the vent early next week. But he also predicted he would be off 3 weeks ago.

John commented today that Mikan's favorite song is "International Harvester" since he is "chugga lugga luggin' 5 miles an hour." Mikan was 4 lbs exactly yesterday. He's quite the porker compared to his earlier 1lb 12oz pictures. It's still hard to tell what weight is fluid and what weight is JT style.

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Ooooooooooh! Soooooo Sweet!