Friday, April 11, 2008


Still no progress. Well, I guess we had a decent blood gas this afternoon, so perhaps that's progress. At least we bought another day closer to 34 weeks that Mikan didn't need steroids. Another day to grow and gain weight. The doctor fielded our questions for about 25 minutes this morning in the NICU lobby. He said he didn't see Mikan going home in the next 6-8 weeks and it could possibly be much longer. It may be easier to tell once he gets off the vent just how long we are looking at. It is likely he may go home with oxygen and a heart monitor.

We had a tornado watch in our area today. The nurses said that if there was a tornado that hit the hospital, they would grab the healthiest babies first (they have these vests with pockets that allow one person to carry several babies at one time) then they would grab the other babies with the leftover nurses. So, not only is Mikan's vent causing him breathing problems, but it also would hinder him in a natural disaster.

The doctor did say that the second most important factor that affects the baby's long-term well-being (after their original gestational age) is the mother's formal education. So I'm currently looking into ways to accelerate the completion of my masters program. :)

Jan and Mark visited today. Mikan did really well during his assessment when they were here. Jan thinks her calming presence was the main factor. We wish Jan could use her presence to make his lungs work a little more efficiently.

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