Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 weeks, -6 weeks, or 34 weeks

Currently, Mikan is in 66% oxygen and still on antibiotics. He will remain on antibiotics for two more days and then possibly start steroids on Saturday.

Jenna had her 6 week check up today. She is cleared for normal physical activity. However, because of the vertical uterine incision, there is a 10% chance of uterine rupture with a future pregnancy. We are working on processing this information.

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Aunt Deb said...

John and Jenna
He is so cute! I've worked OB/GYN for a long time and vertical incisions are how they used to do all C-sections. I wouldn't let that statistic worry you too much. She will have to have a scheduled C-section with all future deliveries, there is no possibility for a vaginal delivery, labor is out of the question and that is where the uterine rupture would be an issue.