Wednesday, April 9, 2008

33 Weeks, or 5 Weeks, or -7 weeks

Mikan's lung x-ray is still very cloudy. He has chronic lung disease, which we already knew. He requires about 60-70% oxygen this evening. Today, there was a point where his oxygen requirements were down to 45%. It is difficult to understand why this fluctuates so much. Apparently, this is symptom of prematurity. Previously, we thought this was a symptom of the pneumonia, PDA, or fluid retention. Now that those three possibilities are out the question, all we can do is give him fluid restricted nutrition until he gets better, gets steroids, gets some other Intervention. I was able to look at the lung x-ray today and see lots of cloudy white tissue showing fibrosis (significant although not life long) of the lungs. There was not much darkness, showing where air is freely flowing like normal.

By fluid restricted, I mean that he gets some powder with his breastmilk that increases the calories without increase the volume of the milk. Think of it as milk with a tablet of enhancer dissolved.

Apparent Dislikes: Being touched, being measured, being poked, other babies crying, mean nurses, other baby's billy lights, loud conversation, more than one piece of stimulation at once.

Apparent Likes: Projectile pooping, passing gas up his feed tube, flipping the bird to nurses, exercising his eyebrow muscles, taking his time, his mom's breast milk.

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Big Brother said...

I'm a little confused. Jenna, were you discribing Mikan's or John's likes and dislikes?

Keep up the hard work little man. I'll eat a piece of JT's Baptism cake for each of you.