Wednesday, April 2, 2008

32 Weeks

Mikan's doctor said his lung x-ray this morning still didn't look good. In a few weeks, if nothing has cleared up, we have the option of giving him small doses of steroids to help get him off the vent. However, these have steroids, including a higher risk of cerebral palsy, so the goal is to wean him off the vent before then. The doctor said we should "give Mikan a talk" or "smack him around a bit when no one is looking." His stools have tested positive for blood lately, but he isn't showing any other signs of the digestive infection (NEC), so the doctor isn't too (thanks Nikole) worried at this point. The nurses have been trying to get Mikan to suck on a pacifier while he gets his feedings, so he associates his full stomach with the sucking reflex. The video is an example of that.

Annette, Gil, and JT visited today. JT is huge. He almost weighs 14 lbs now. I can't wait till JT and Mikan can play together. Hopefully JT doesn't use Mikan as a chew toy.

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Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

The doctor IS worried, or ISN'T worried?