Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The plan is to finally have surgery on Wednesday. His PDA still seems to be the issue. His blood cultures show no signs of infection and he appears to be otherwise healthy. We are hoping for a turn around in his cardiovascular health after surgery. For more information on the surgery (patent ductus arteriosus ligation) follow the link.

Today the doctor said some things that made us feel like Mikan is not a typical 28 week baby. First he said, "To be perfectly honest with you, Mikan is acting more like a 26 week baby than a 28 weeker." He said this in reference to his being on the ventilator for the past almost 3 weeks. He also said, "This is bizarre," referring to his PDA not healing itself after the rounds of medication and him being almost 31 weeks gestation. I guess it all depends on how Mikan performs after his surgery.

The doctor has discontinued the use of morphine for pain. He said, "I really don't think there is any reason for him to be experiencing pain at this point."
Mikan heard this and probably thought...
a. "I have two tubes in my mouth, one is shooting air into my lungs at specific intervals, sounds kind of painful to me. Also, every 3 hours I get poked in the foot and they draw blood from me. Not to mention the two suppositories yesterday, the pic line in my left arm, an IV in my right, a temperature probe on my belly, two respiration probes on my chest, and a wrap on my foot measuring my blood oxygen levels."
b. "Yep, no pain at all. I am John's son, not Pete's."


Life in the Bend said...

I'm sorry to read surgery will be necessary. Mikan and you two will be in my prayers.

Aunt Deb said...

Good luck tomorrow John and Jenna and especially Mikan. I don't know how anyone can know what kind of pain these little guys experience. If an adult had all that equipment and procedures being done all the time, they would want pain medication. I say a prayer for all of you.

Aunt Kath said...

Keeping you in our prayers. I'll light a candle at church at St. V's tomorrow for Mikan and you both."Fear thou not;for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee." Isaiah 41:10