Thursday, March 27, 2008


"This is one of the biggest I've ever seen." This was a comment from our surgeon yesterday made in reference to which of the following...
a.) Mikan's girth
b.) Mikan's brain capacity
c.) Mikan's ductus opening
d.) All of the above plus one.

As for the "dex," Aunt Deb hit the nail on the head with dextrose/blood sugar levels.

Mikan continues to recover from surgery. He is still very groggy and touchy. He is not in the incubator right now because he has a chest tube that is draining post surgery fluid. We think the chest tube will be out tomorrow and that we will be able to hold him then. He received 25 cc's of blood today which helps his hemoglobin. He is pretty swollen from surgery, blood, and preemie life in general. They started feeding through the tube 3 cc's every three hour's.

I did see Fievel Mousekawitz in the 1st grade room at school today which made me think of Mikan as our little Fievel and the song, "Never Say Never." It's on YouTube, check it out. We got our deep freezer today, it was dented a small amount in the back you can't see so we got 10% discount. Nice.


Jenni said...

Feivel is glad to help. :)

moggy1000 said...

Jenna and John,
Thank goodness the surgery is done and looks like a promising result is expected. I was nervous all day and the first thing I did this am at school was check your blog. You must be going crazy with all the restrictions keeping from your natural parental inclinations.
Best Wishes to all of you,

Aunt Deb said...

I am so happy that the surgery went well, I was thinking about him that day. By the way, Feivel was a source of horrible teasing of Kassia by Robb and Chris. She loved him and they tormented her as only big brothers can.