Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today went well. There were no signs of a heart murmur again today. He received his second dose of heart medicine. Tomorrow, if all goes well, he will receive a final dose and then resume his milk feedings.

Today Mikan and I became movie stars. One of the doctors at the NICU patented a "neo nest" that allows for easy transfer when babies with ventilator tubes and other monitors are going to be kangarooed by a parent. We were asked to be in a video that demonstrated how to use it. The video will be distributed to other hospitals as a way of promoting kangaroo care since only 8% of hospitals in the U.S. allow children on vents to be held. So Mikan was bothered with a lot of bright lights and people messing with him, but overall he handled it ok. I don't think we get a NICU bill discount though for participating.

John thought it was ironic that the only day we had a male nurse (today) his name was George, and Mikan was named after George Mikan.

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Jan Bly said...

Congrats momma jenna on adapting to these change of events . . . even a cameo movie appearance. Now, who are they kidding. We all know they see your beauty and it's just by chance they're filming Mikan during March Maddness!! That footage is sure to be a valuable when he's head coach or president of ND one day. ps TOO PRECIOUS.