Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Surgery and -9 Weeks

Above is a post-surgery picture. We were happy that Nurse George took Mikan into surgery today. Overall, from our understanding of the situation, the surgery went well. It took longer than expected because Mikan was apparently very "touchy" during the procedure even after all of the paralyzers and anesthesia. He bled a little more than expected too, so he needed extra blood during the surgery. He is recovering in the NICU now. He is a little groggy still, with a chest tube added to the list of devices on his body that make him look pathetic at times. However, his ventilator needs were reduced this evening already. That doesn't mean anything permanent, but at least he was comfortable when we left him. He is receiving pain killers as well.

John and I went out to dinner today after the surgery. We won't be able to hold him for awhile and his movement has been minimal. With all the stuff he's hooked up to, all we can really do is stare at him. When we are away from the NICU for awhile, we will ask each other, "Well, you wanna go stare at our kid for a little bit?" I wonder how many parents have that exchange. Thanks for everyone's prayers during this anxious time.


The Landwehrs said...

Jenna, John and Mikan,

You've been in our thoughts all day today. Thanks for the update.....We will continue to pray for all three of you.

Our Love and Prayers.

cheriev said...


We are happy to hear Miracle Mikan did well in all remain in our thoughts prayers. Thanks for the postings and pictures.

A. Cherie, U. Greg, Marissa & Sandy

anastasiaK said...

Sweet little man cub! Glad to hear it went well. We're thinking of you always!

Trisha said...

Thanks for the update. I look at it about every other day. Though quite small, he looks perfect! Give him hugs and kisses from Uncle George and Aunt Trisha!