Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday: Exactly 2 weeks later

So far things are the same. Nothing major to report. Today marks two weeks that my water has been broken.

The doctor came in this morning to do an ultrasound. She didn't measure the baby, she just wanted to check up on his position and my fluid levels. She confirmed that the baby was now in breech position. There is also a sufficient amount of fluid around the umbilical cord right now, which she was happy to note. She also thought the baby looked bigger, although nothing quantitative was measured. We will have another ultrasound in about a week. She told us that 88% of women who come in with their water broken deliver within one month. Right now I am halfway there. Each day is better for the baby.

John and I watched IU embarrass themselves at Michigan State this afternoon.

We are thankful to have lasted this long, but still apprehensive about the future. 12 weeks in the NICU, or any time there at all doesn't sound like fun. This is the reality we are facing though; the doctors and nurses remind us of that. Although we don't have any control over the situation, it is still scary to think about. The nurses told John today that he would be able to visit the NICU if he wanted. This would be to prepare him for the atmosphere of the room and get an idea of the size of what our baby might look like. I unfortunately don't have that option. I am kept on a tight leash.

John is afraid every time he leaves for work that I am up and moving around when I'm not supposed to. He already gets irritated when I am taking a little too long to brush my teeth, or if I have to go to the bathroom more than once every four hours (like I'm faking it). I got a nice glare today crawling out of bed. He said, "Didn't you just go to the bathroom before dinner?" Dinner was 2 hours prior. I drank a lot. And I'm pregnant. That is why he usually goes for walks only when there are visitors around :)

We are continually thankful for the support from so many people. Thanks for your prayers, we are praying for all those concerned for us as well.

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