Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Evening

Mikan's digestive health seems to be improving. He is consistently increasing his feedings and may be completely free of the pic-line (IV) fluids by tomorrow morning. All feedings are still being done through the feeding tube. He has to be off of the ventilator to take feedings orally. However, he has made very little progress in his respiratory well-being. He is still on the ventilator at around 50-60% oxygen with 35 breathes per minute. He has lost around 70 grams of fluid (at little over 2 ounces) because of taking a diuretic (I believe it is called lasiks). Hopefully, the increased feedings and less fluid retention will help his lungs.

Pete and Sarah visited with Tia and Liam this weekend. Also, Mary Beth and Drew also visited. It was good to see all of them. Tia and Liam did a pretty good job at Mass on Sunday morning.

Mikan likes to poop whenever the diaper is off. This includes whenever Jenna or a nurse changes his diaper. But, it is especially entertaining when he does it right as a nurse lifts him up and tries to weigh him.

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Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

The Albion newspaper birth announcement written by John has Mikan talking a little smack to his cousins. (Yes, in a birth announcement-a first, I'm sure) Jack is original in his comeback. He wants you to let Mikan know, "Well, tell Mikan to
'Bring it on!'." What I think Jack means is, Mikan bring on the dirty diapers, it's good for you. Then, when you get bigger, I'll let you beat me up. I can't wait.