Saturday, March 29, 2008


Mikan has been eating well and pooping and peeing well, but with the help of a feeding tube, suppository, and diuretic. So, is he doing well? ... I guess so. His vent needs are still higher than they were before surgery, and he is still retaining a lot of fluid; however, he did lose some weight today, which is good. All of this is "normal" though. Unfortunately, he just looks uncomfortable a lot of the time, and there is little we can do to appease him.

I got to put some clothes on him for the first time today. His preemie outfits looked a lot smaller when he wasn't in them.

Today John and I went out for breakfast with John's dad, Nikole, Maria, and Maggie. Maggie got agitated when her food didn't arrive fast enough, so she took to eating the packets of jelly on the table as a way of coping.

As newer babies are admitted near us, we realize how fortunate our situation is at the moment. Everything could be a lot worse. Even though it is hard to understand that sometimes, it seems that we are reminded of it often enough being at the hospital as often as we are.


Michelle said...

JenJen, He's adorable. Your family is in my prayers.

Coach Rek said...

What a beautiful child...I can sure see the Gensic family gene's there! I am so happy for you two. One of the few boys in the USF family! Can't wait to see you all and start working on the ball handling skills (we don't want john to do that). Love you guys,
Jeff Rekeweg