Saturday, March 15, 2008


"He handled that diaper change and assessment pretty well!" says the nurse.
All I could think was, "Anybody that just had a shot of morphine, a dose of paralyzers, and their oxygen jacked up could handle pretty much anything pretty well."

So Jenna and I are becoming neurotic oxygen watchers. In our hopes that the second round of PDA medication works, we are trying to will Mikan's oxygen saturation levels within the appropriate range. (His first round did not work as evidenced by a second echo cardiogram today) However, today we switched ventilators to a vent the pulses around 360 small breathes into his lungs each minute. The nurse called this a step sideways and not necessarily backwards. He had to receive morphine and paralyzers to adjust to it though. Tomorrow or Monday we will most likely know if he needs heart surgery. If he needs it, the earliest he would have it would be on Tuesday.

John gave blood today in case Mikan needs blood transfusions after surgery. This was a big step for him after passing out the last time he gave blood. But he handled it like a man and bragged about it afterwards. He even got a free t-shirt!

John played outside today with the McCoys, and John's parents took John and I out for milkshakes today. It felt good to be out. This was the second time I had ridden in a car in the past month. Unbelievable. I am beginning to feel a lot better and able to do more though. We'll get out more, eventually.

The picture of Mikan and John was from last night when John held him. During the kangarooing, Mikan picked up his head several times and adjusted his position so that his arm would lie under his head. It's amazing that he had enough neck strength to lift his head up, but he has been pretty active. We thought his little arm under his head was pretty cute.

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g.gensic.jr said...

John and Jenna:

Is there an address where we can send you things?

We are thinking of you, and you are in my every prayer!

Monica and George