Saturday, March 1, 2008


So far, so good. Everything remains the same.

The doctor came to visit this morning and watch the baby monitoring since the nurses had so much trouble with it last night. Based on where they found the heartbeat he thought it may be in breech position. But who knows what position the baby will be in when it's finally time for delivery.

Stasia, I only was able to knit the baby hat because I had a circle loom and detailed directions. I only know how to crochet, so the message you sent was kind of like a foreign language to me :) Sorry.

Today John went to the Storm Spotter Training at St. Joseph County Public Library. I think he just enjoys heckling the meteorologists since he is already certified in this area. But he did make it on the evening news. There was a shot of him raising his hand.

Jake Gensic came to visit us today. He brought up an old school Ms. PacMan hand held video game joystick that plugs into the TV. That should keep me busy for awhile, constantly trying to beat my own high score. John tried to call first dibs on holding the baby. I informed him that I naturally had first dibs since I've been the one sitting in the hospital bed for weeks, and I'm the one that is doing the actual baby birthing. He relented and settled for second dibs. Jake then called third dibs. John and I are not sure if we are accepting further dibs from people who are only in the room with us, or if we will accept internet dibs. If internet blogging dibs are acceptable, John and I claim third and fourth dibs on Jessica and Sam's baby and Pete and Sarah's baby. Too bad in-laws. We called it.

We continue to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. They are continuing to work.


Mom Kartje said...

OK! Let's just straighten out the first,second,third dibs thing. Since I plan on being in or around the birthing room during the blessed event, I'm calling number three! There certainly is power in prayer, and you guys are beautiful examples. Love to all.....Mom

anastasiaK said...

Virtual dibs should count for those of us who won't be there with you, but will be thinking of you. And we spend a great deal of our time online! Yep. I get first virtual dibs! ;-)

Big Brother said...

I beat everyone, because I am virtually holding The Mikan right now. (That's right, he will be call The Mikan) If you don't believe me, look at my avitar on

Also, Jenna your are welcome to call dibs on holding our baby, but only after you sincerely apologize for mispelling Sara's name.

The Landwehr's said...

Glad to read that you are still hanging in there. We are sending our love and prayers to all three of you!