Monday, March 17, 2008


Today we got a chance to sit on the top of the roller coaster track for awhile, for the first time in several days. Mikan 's ductus is still open according to the echocardiogram taken this morning; however, it has shrunk. His oxygen support has decreased today and all of his blood gas levels looked good. So the doctor decided to hold off on the surgery until he ran a few more tests to see if he thought the ductus would close on its own. We will know tomorrow the results of those tests. But he looked good today, still squirmy as ever, a consistent comment that all the nurses make who watch him. We haven't been able to hold him in while since he is still adjusting to his new vent, but he appears comfortable.

Mikan heard that they might be doing surgery on him, so he decided to start trying to close up his ductus valve and flip the doctor the bird.


Uncle (scuba) Steve Furman said...

Well, I lost my original comment by not signing in first, so here goes try #2.
It sounds like Saint Patrick's Day was a good one for the three of you. God and the Saints must be looking over your shoulders. Annaliese sends her thoughts and prayers form "across the pond". She says that means someone from "around the world" is praying for you. "Around the world" sounds like a good basketball game name.
We love John's blog updates. We learn something new each day, and even a new vocab word. Please, though, no quiz! I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks! (just don't expect us to remember)
Congratulations on the Baptism! I DO remember being at a Baptism YEARS AGO. In fact, her little face was in that pic with Mikan and his Dad. Beautiful picture.
God Bless you all, your families, and your friends. And we miss seeing you. That candle at the Grotto still burns brightly. Third row - third from the end, amongst all the other little bright lights!
Love you all,
Uncle (scuba) Steve Furman

anastasiaK said...

Good job, Mikan! Keep up the good work!