Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Evening

If you know family/friends who would like to know about what is going on, please email them the website address. Thanks!

Well, when I said that his oxygen levels were ideal, I did not quite completely understand the situation. While his hemoglobin saturation level was between 90% and 100%, this was not ideal because the amount of hemoglobin he has in his blood is lower than ideal. Therefore, he will be having a series of blood transfusions (about 10 mL each) to try and increase the amount of hemoglobin in his blood. The number of transfusions depends on how well Mikan responds to them. After the first transfusion, his blood pressure increased and his hemoglobin saturation went down to around 85%-95%. This might mean his hemoglobin count has increased. His blood pressure certainly increased with the transfusion, which is a good thing.

The doctor told us that Mikan will be on a ventilator until he gets a little bigger. The doctor wants him to save his energy and gain strength before trying to rely upon himself for breathing again. However, he has been weaned from 40 breathes per minute to 30 breathes per minute and continues to breathe on his own sporadically.

This morning Mikan spit up some of his colostrum. He has not been digesting most of his feedings. This is somewhat expected. Whenever this happens, they just remove whatever was in his stomach and replace it with another milliliter of colostrum every 3 hours. If he needs medication to shore up an artery in his heart, then colostrum feedings will be stopped for a period of time to help his kidneys handle the situation.

He had his eyes open throughout the conversation we had with the doctor. After we were done with the doctor, he asked Mikan, “Did you get all that about the hemoglobin saturation stuff?” Mikan quickly responded by pointing to his foot where he has been poked about 10 times to get blood draws.

Tomorrow, he will have an ultrasound of his brain to check to see if there has been any blood vessel issues there. He will also have an echocardiogram to check his heart.

Here are some things that suck about the situation:
-Watching Mikan cry and not being able to hear him (because of the ventilator tube runs through his vocal cords).
-Watching Mikan cry and not being able to do anything about it.
-Asking a nurse when the next time it will be okay to hold Mikan
-Constantly finding out something new about what is “typical” or a “common operation” in the NICU
-Telling people who visit they can’t touch Mikan.
-Watching nurses take blood from Mikan twice a day to test his levels.
-Using an industrial strength pump.
-Feeling helpless much of the time.
-None of his cousins are old enough to see him.
-Watching Jenna recover from the C-section.

Here are some good things about the situation:
-Knowing Mikan is in the best place for him to be.
-Watching either one of us hold him.
-Constantly learning new things about the human body.
-Coming to a new and deeper respect and appreciation for life and God’s continual creative powers.
-Using an industrial strength pump.
-Knowing how many people are praying and thinking about Mikan.
-Aunt Joe learned about blogs.
-Calling Linda Kartje “Grandma”
-Watching his body take shape and trying to guess who’s body part his body part most closely resembles.
–I think he is going to be getting a hunter orange baby “Dwight Shrute” hat, so he and I can be cute twinsies.
-Helping Jenna recover from the C-section.
-Being able to share the experience with you all (ustedes).


Emily said...

Jenna and John,
Congratulations on your new arrival! Kathleen has been keeping me posted on the happenings in the bend. The NICU is an interesting place, I spent 2 weeks doing my elective rotation there and it was one of my favorite rotations. I just wanted to wish the 3 of you the best of luck and that you are all in my prayers. Keep in touch. God Bless.
Emily Beyler

Teresa said...

Hi Jenna and John,

Congratulations on your little miracle. He is so precious. Angela has kept me posted on his health and I enjoy reading your blog. I wish you all the best and you're in my thoughts and prayers.

-Teresa Healy

Elizabeth Gensic said...

I showed pictures to my Indiana Weslyn class and we all prayed for Mikan. He is so precious - what a miracle - God is amazing! Love you all. Aunt B

Mom Kartje said...

I was able to see Mikan today! Rose, and Uncle Ben rode with me. I can't tell you how happy and excited we were to see that he is doing well. Mikan is a feisty one! His color is good, he looks like he is putting on weight, he is moving both arms and legs, and he opens his eyes for mom. Ben thinks he opened his eyes when HE walked in the room. Although I can't wait to hold him one day, being there to see Jenna kangaroo Mikan is my miracle for the day. I can't tell you how much we appreciate all the support that everyone has extended to the entire family, we want you to know that everyone of us has benefited by your love and prayers. God Bless you all, Nina and Poppi (Great Italian names)

Life in the Bend said...

He already has John's haircut!

You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad you are keeping a blog to keep people updated. I check it each morning to see how things are going for you.

anastasiaK said...

What a precious little boy! Thanks for posting pics. All our best always!!!

Miss Golando said...

Jenna and John,
Normally I'm not a newborn person, but who can't help but love and root for Mikan? He has a lot of spunk and I will certainly keep him and you guys in my prayers. I hope I can get out there to see him and you all soon.

babydoll said...

hey jen jen,
i hope everything goes well for you and your little man. i cant wait to meet mikan! i miss you so much!
much love
ashley lane

Hey Jen Jen and John John!!
I hope things continue to go well with you, John, and Mikan! You should probably let the school know when I can come see you!! I miss you and now I'm Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Clark's aid. Wishing you the best!

Much love! Miss you!

Jen Jen, John, and Mikan (D.V.),
I hope you all are doing well, and continue to stay strong. I wish you the best, and still have to make you a personalized D.V. Gensic t-shirt for Mikan. Best wishes!

Much love,