Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last night Mikan made the nurse work. His oxygen saturation levels fluctuated quite a bit throughout the night and into today. The nurses increased the pressure on his ventilator to help compensate. Currently he is getting 31% oxygen pumped into his lungs at a pressure of 30 cm H2O, 380 times each minute. This combination has made his CO2 levels be ideal.

Grandpa Kartje came today and donated blood. This is good because my (John's) blood has CMV in it. CMV is a virus that does not really effect adults but is lethal to babies. Therefore, the blood I gave on Saturday will go into the general blood bank. Mikan may need his Grandpa's blood if he does have surgery or if his hemoglobin levels drop any further. Currently Mikan's hemoglobin is around 8 or 9 and has been steadily dropping since it peaked around 11 after his first transfusion.

Right now, it is uncertain whether Mikan needs the PDA surgery. There may be other factors causing his progress to be slow. He has noticeable lung scarring, which may be caused by the ventilator. He also has a white blood cell count that indicates possible early infection or simply stress. Our hope is that it is a lung issue and not infection. The nurses have commented that babies usually grow out of the lung issues.

Mikan is peeing pretty well. When given an opportunity last night, he was able to spray his head with urine. If the doctor does not think surgery will be eminent, then Mikan may be able to start digesting his mom's "liquid gold." This past weekend, the NICU made me take some "liquid gold" home with me to store in our freezer.

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Mom Kartje said...

I think Nina needs to teach Mikan some other sign language. Uncle Zach is anxiously awaiting the weekend to see his new nephew. Nina will see you soon...Love to all, Nina and Poppi