Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a Boy or He's a pick.

Today at 10:57 am Jenna delivered Mikan Josiah Gensic into the world. He is 1 pound 12 ounces. He is about 13 inches long. He is currently breathing on his own. She delivered via C-section after showing early signs of infection. Jenna felt a little nauseous this morning and the heart monitoring showed signs of stress. Therefore, the nurse attempted to keep her calm as she called me at around 9:45 am at St. Adalbert on my cell phone.

Mikan is currently hooked up to the following devices.
1.) A C-pac that increases the amount of oxygen he gets into his lungs.
2.) An oxygen monitor that measures the amount of oxygen in his blood.
3.) A feeding tube that goes down his mouth and into his belly.
4.) An IV that is connected to his umbilical artery.
5.) A heartrate monitor.

Mikan has some large bruises. His feet, legs, and back have bruises. We are expecting him to be jaundice in the upcoming days.

The doctors and nurses tell us that he is doing very well. While they are experienced in premature babies, and know these types of things, it is hard to tell he is doing well based on just seeing how small Mikan is and all of the wires and tubes he is hooked up to. He is very small.

We are expecting a roller coaster of events in the upcoming weeks. Usually, the first 24 hours after delivery go pretty well. This is because the baby is still living off of some of the mom's nutrients. We have been briefed about many of the possible issues Mikan may face.

Jenna is on antibiotics and is recovering at the hospital for at least the next 72 hours. She is on powerful painkillers.

If everything goes well, Mikan will come home late April to late May. I got to hold Mikan kangaroo style for about 30 minutes. He likes to keep his arms above above his head in a "receiving a touchdown pass" posture.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. They have worked so far...
-We made it to 28 weeks.
-He got his steroids in.
-Jenna had the doctor she wanted deliver the baby.
-I was able to get back to the hospital in time.
-We both have supportive families and schools.
-Jenna's uterus appears to be in good shape.


Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

We Love Mikan!!
The McCoys

VanO family said...

Jenna and John,
We have been praying for you daily! You are always in our thoughts. Sorry for not visiting again, but we have been worried about germs!!
John, please let us know how soon we can visit Jenna.
And to Little Man Mikan - Way to go, Buddy! It sounds like a great start considering everything you and your mom have been through. You have the most amazing parents!! You are a very lucky boy. There is a houseful of babysitters here in NC just waiting to meet you. Hang tough!
Love ya,
Kari V. and family

Life in the Bend said...

Congratulations! Your whole family is in our prayers and I will be thinking about Mikan often and sending good vibes in his direction.

Paul said...

We love you guys! We've been thinking and praying for you all. Can't wait to see the little guy! We hope and pray all goes well the next few months!
-Paul and Melissa

Joseph J said...

May God continue to pour His blessings on your blessed family and hold little Mikan safely under His wing.

With much love,
Grandpa Kartje

anastasiaK said...

Welcome to the world, Mikan--We can't wait to meet you! Good work, Team J&J! Life is extreme--and the challenges do make you stronger. Your little man is lucky to have parents like you two. All our best always, Team JAKMEH--Joe, Anastasia, Kira, Mark, Emma & Henry.

Jo said...

Congratulations new parents! This is my first blog ever so see how your new one has impacted the world already! He gives even us old folks incentive to grow. Isn't baby love an unexclaimable impact? (ooops this flagged unexclaimable in spellcheck, but that's my word for Mikan and I'm sticking to it).
Big love from the Fort!
Aunt Jo

sam said...

Congratulations John and Jenna! Can't wait to meet Mikan! We're so glad you guys have made it this far and excited that there's still much hope in the mix.

Sam and Jess

Jan Bly said...

John, Jenna and sweet little Mikan,
Congratulations on becoming parents and for such incredible strength. Little Mikan is truly blessed to have come into this crazy world to such stellar parents and wonderful families. Continue to try and hold Mikan so he can sense your being and your love. I believe EVERYONE in this town has been notified to pray. We've also contacted every retired guardian angel and they have assured us to be surrounding you with protection.
We are so proud of you.
Love and prayers, the Blys

Jan Bly said...

Aunt Jo is correct . . . for this is my first blog ever also. GO MIKAN! Your're already making things happen.

Christa said...

Since Mikan already taught Aunt Jo how to blog, do you think he can teach her how to text???

Congratulations John and Jenna!