Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday

Mikan had a decent day today. His lung x-ray remains a little cloudy (an apparent symptom of the ductus). His carbon dioxide levels fluctuated a little today but were good enough to reduce his vent support marginally. He digested a couple of cubic centimeters (cc's) of colostrum today. By digestion, I mean that the colostrum is no longer in his stomach. We are still waiting for him to stool. We hope that tomorrow morning's lab results go well. We are once again looking forward to possible surgery next week to solve the ductus problem. He must be infection free for surgery on the ductus to be an option.

Yesterday Granny Kartje visited with Alexa, Autumn, Stacy, Lily, and Kobe. Angela and Allen visited last night also. This afternoon Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jim visited and we dined together at Fiddler's Hearth. Later in the evening, Ben, Jake, and Connor visited. We were able to play football downtown at the College Football Hall of Fame. It was pretty fun, the field is a nice, soft turf and was dry for having had 4 inches of snow yesterday. After playing football, we went to Burger King and then La Rosita's Neveria and Paleteria. To finish it off, we ate an apple pie in the hospital lounge.

Today Jake had to be reminded that he was in the NICU after an outburst while watching the Purdue game in the waiting room. It was frustrating to be watching the first half of the ND game while Purdue was in a close finish.

Jenna pledges an Easter picture will be posted tomorrow. Happy Easter!!!

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