Friday, March 28, 2008


This morning the doctor said that Mikan looked like an entirely different boy since the surgery. He questioned what went on in the Operating room. This was because of how swollen Mikan's face and body is from fluid retention. We've joked about our baby being switched at surgery. He is currently 3 lbs. 4 ounces. Yesterday he was 2 lb. 12 ounces. So...yeah. Not real good with his body not processing the fluid. But, it is not terrible either. Current pictures would give the casual viewer a false impression growth.

He continues to work on digesting breastmilk/colostrum. He currently receives 6 cc's every four hours. The doctor told us we need to give him a pep talk because of Mikan's high CO2 levels and unchanging lung x-ray. Anybody out their with pep talk pointers for preemie's?

We've tried the following strategies...
1.) Going out for ice cream without him. (Once you get things straight we'll bring you with us).
2.) Modeling our lack of fluid retention in our own bodies. (Look at us. We're your parents. We're cool. We don't retain fluids. Why should you?)
3.) Admitting to him that we asked him to gain weight earlier, but we did not qualify the statement with a phrase like "fluid retention does not count." We were not specific enough in our ground rules. (One sign he is a Gensic)

We're looking forward to a weekend hopefully filled with filled diapers.

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