Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Today was a pretty good day. We were hoping that Mikan would "rise again" on Easter, and he appeared to try as much as he could to fulfill our wishes. He was taken off the jet vent this morning since the doctor said he may have been moving around too much for it to be fully effective. The tube kept losing its position and making Mikan's oxygen levels yo yo. John and I are happy he is off the vent because now we will be able to hold him more often. He seems to be doing well so far on the other vent. He had to get a larger tube placed down his throat since he is getting bigger. Mikan also tolerated his feedings well today. He is now eating 4 ccs of milk every 3 hours. He got more of Grandpa Kartje's blood today as well. The nurses still hear a heart murmur, and his chest x-rays are still cloudy. This is all evidence of an open pda. The doctor still wants to order an echocardiogram for tomorrow morning to assess his possible need for surgery.

Yesterday, Cindy and Jim brought Mikan a Star Wars blanket that they made him. This one has Darth Vader on it. So now he has the Dark Side and the Jedi Force blankets. All the other babies are jealous.

John and I attended mass at the hospital chapel this morning, then Zach, Maria, Grandpa Kartje, Grandpa Gensic, and Grandma Gensic came to visit us today. We visited with Mikan and then made several different restaurant stops to meet our Easter cravings. Maria, ever-paranoid about her bladder visited several different bathrooms around South Bend, some more than once.

One of the babies near Mikan got Easter pictures taken in an Easter dress. It was a pretty big ordeal, and I watched the nurses pretend to be really excited about it at the time, but then complain about how much trouble it caused afterwards when the Mom wasn't there. We didn't put Mikan through any of that stress, so below is the result of his Easter photo op.

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Mom Kartje said...

He is so beautiful!! I'm referring to Mikan not John. I have a different word for John since he likes to use the "Granny" word a little too liberal. Enjoy while I feel sorry for you right now! I can't believe how big Mikan is getting. He is the cutest baby in the NICU! Keep up the good work! Love to all... Nina