Friday, March 14, 2008


Today Mikan was baptized. Father Chris, Elizabeth, Sofia, Judy, Nancy, Jenni, Annette from St. Adalbert were all in attendance. Also, my sister Nikole and mom came up with nephew Jack and niece Maggie. Maggie was sporting some celebrity sunglasses to try and pass for 12 years old to see Mikan, but it didn't work. Mary Lou also stopped by with some muffins and Lourdes water, which we are thankful for.

Today was a small roller coaster. To start the day, at around 4 am Jenna turned in some milk and found out Mikan's carbon dioxide levels were pretty high. Therefore, they had to turn up his ventilator rate from 35 breathes per minute to 50 bpm. When I stopped in before going to work, the nurse said he may have to switch to a different ventilator which would be a necessary step backward. So, I called Jenna after mass and she said the 8:00 am gas reading looked better, so he could stay on the regular ventilator. The gas problems may be a symptom of the PDA. Just because they can't hear the murmur, he still may have the PDA. But, throughout the day, his carbon dioxide levels declined; therefore, he did not need to switch ventilators. Instead, he was able to wean support back down to 40 bpm.

His lung x-ray looked cloudy this morning. It is probably because of the PDA. They did do a culture on the lung fluids to check for infection, and apparently there is no infection. He will have another lung x-ray tomorrow morning.

He will have another echo-cardiogram tomorrow to check the status of the PDA. His hemoglobin oxygen saturation levels and cloudy lungs both indicate PDA issues.

Nikole brought a Star Wars blanket to decorate the incubator. I'm pretty sure Winnie the Pooh and Sunshine Bear on the other isolettes are afraid of Mikan now.


Mom Kartje said...

He looks so beautiful all wrapped and snuggled in his Isolette. May God Bless you little Mikan. Nina

Jo said...

God bless you, John & Jena.
And God bless you little one!
Filling Mikan with more of God's love & maxing on grace is a good thing. God and a Stars Wars blanket, interesting combination.
Love Ya,
Aunt Jo