Sunday, March 16, 2008

4 Full Weeks living in the Hospital

We have had more relaxing Sunday's. As of five doses of heart medication, the PDA is still apparently the cause of Mikan's issues. His jet vent rate has been adjusted a couple of times to try and help his gas levels be within the good range. The medication has caused his urine output to be lower than normal. Tomorrow he will have another echocardiogram to see more absolutely if his PDA needs to have surgery. If the echocardiogram still shows signs of the PDA, then he will most likely have surgery on Tuesday. Currently, he is fidgeting around enough to appear healthy for the surgery. Our doctor has checked for signs of infection in the lungs and blood, with all tests being negative. However, there was some bacteria found in his urine this afternoon. We'll find out more about this later, the doctor didn't seem too worried. Hopefully it is nothing, but he has been started on antibiotics as a precaution. Mikan is acting as if he does not have an infection.

Because of the heart medication, he is retaining a lot of fluid and gained about 2 ounces. His body appears to be "fuller." The new jet vent is loud and makes his body shake. Therefore, he has a large yellow ear muff on whichever ear he is not laying on. Whatever points he earned with the ladies via the Star Wars blanket have been negated with the big yellow ear muff. That's alright, he is a little young.

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Joseph J said...

Jenna, John, and Mikan,

You three are an amazing example of strength! Take comfort in knowing that God is with you every step of the way. We're all in this with you too.

All our love,
Mom and Dad Kartje