Tuesday, March 4, 2008

28th Week!!!

Today marks 28 weeks of being pregnant. That is a huge milestone. So far, so good. Our second doctor confirmed the baby was breech by feeling around my belly this morning. The baby's heart rate still looked good this morning and so far we haven't had any contractions.

My dad came to visit today on his way to work in Chicago. We played cards and talked. He also brought our laundry! Thanks Dad!

This afternoon I got a massage from a massage therapist. He comes every other day now. So, I think I'll take advantage of that. I can't really complain of a lot of pain right now, but whose going to pass up a free massage? Come on. I mean I'm lying here anyway.

A math teacher at my school stopped by today to bring a basket of goodies from the school and drop off some research papers for me to grade. So I will keep myself busy for awhile with the papers. Looks like the pleasure reading will be put on hold.


Mom Kartje said...

Great that Dad remembered all the laundry and goodies! Do you think Dad did the laundry? When pigs fly! That is not a hyperbole! Love to all, Mom

Joseph J said...

Congratulations on 28 weeks, and Happy 28 Week Birthday to Mikan!


P.S. Just so everyone knows - all I did was DELIVER the clean laundry. "You know who" actually DID the laundry.

Joseph said...

hey jenna john,

thought i was gonna be up there on wednesday, turns out the roads are awful and i'm gonna postpone my interview with camp until next week, but i'll definitely be up there next week, tuesday maybe. glad to hear you're still doing well and i'll see you next week :)