Friday, March 7, 2008

2 Days Old

Mikan is now 1 pound and 9 ounces. He is on a ventilator. This morning he was working awfully hard to breathe on his own. His carbon dioxide levels were pretty high, meaning he was not exhaling as well as possible.

Jenna's colostrum continues to come slowly but surely. Mikan has been digesting it well and the NICU nurses continue to feed it to him.

Jenna has noticed her legs and feet swelling. The doctor said it was because of all the fluids she received during the C-Section. She was up walking around a lot more today. She's still really sore, but each day seems to be a little better.

This evening Jenna was able to Kangaroo Mikan for 1 hr 45 minutes, until the next shift change. He appeared to love it. His oxygen levels were good, and he was doing a lot of breathing on his own.

It seems that right now Mikan is only minimally using the ventilator. He is doing well on it. His CO2 levels were decreasing, just like the doctor wanted them to. The ventilator is just another tube strapped to his already taped up and wired body.

Oh by the way, today I realized that I misunderstood the holding technique. It's not "kangaroo style" it's apparently "kangaroo care." My bad.

Tomorrow Jenna will probably be discharged from the hospital. It seems extremely unnatural to go home while Mikan will remain in NICU for at least a few months. We will probably be trying to stay at the Ronald McDonald house in the hospital between trips home.

Thanks again to everyone for their prayers during this time. We know they are working. Mikan continues to hang in there. Each day brings a new challenge, but we are faithful with everyone's continued support and God's help, our family will make it through this.


Elizabeth Gensic said...

Don't think that we haven't been thinking about you and our new family member. My work friends ask daily about the baby and now that he has a fine Croatian name it's "How's Mikan doing?"
In case you haven't named the "finger position" of what Mikan is doing when he sleeps - it's called the
"Okey-dokey" position and means "I'm "Oh-K", don't worry mommy and daddy!.
Love you all - Remember that each day is a blessing.

Mom Kartje said...

It warms our hearts to know Mikan is safely laying on his Mom. He knows and feels the love. We are so proud of you guys. We might have a long way to go, but perseverance is one of our best traits. Mikan is tiny, but strong! Although not thrilled about the (grandma) word, Mikan I love you! and can't wait until you are running around the house. May God continue to hold you in his hands. Love you all, Mom and Dad

VanO family said...

We were able to visit with Jenna and John yesterday, and are continually amazed by them. What a wonderful couple! Mikan is darling! He is LONG! He will definitely be making those 3-pointers he was signaling the other day! He has long fingers, and held on to Jenna's finger the entire time we were there.

Lily said...

Jenna and John,

I saw the pictures of Mikan on Alexa's camera. He is beautiful. I pray for you each day and think of you often.

Love, Lily