Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday Morning

Sorry for being late. The blogger site had a maintenance outage last night. Everything with Jenna and baby is still good.

The baby is doing well and Jenna is doing even better. No contractions, cramping, or dilations. It appears as though the chances are higher for a C-section with Jenna's ruptured membranes. The reason for this is because the umbilical cord could get in a squished position during regular labor.

Jenna did bed yoga today and the baby is resistant to being monitored. "He likes to squirm around and hug his mom's spine" as Wednesday night's nurse put it.

My brother and his wife came to visit this evening. They brought my dinner along with delicious strawberry sugar cookies with a creamy ice cream. We had to eat all of the cookies so that Pete could take his cookie carrier home. It was a nice visit, but they still have not been to our house in New Carlisle yet.

Another day down! Thanks and please keep the prayers coming, Jenna and baby are thriving on them.

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Mom Kartje said...

We want to see pictures of Jenna and Mikan!