Sunday, February 24, 2008


As far as the baby goes, everything continues to be good. Jenna's stomach has been bothering her (laxatives, indigestion, and baby action). Quote of the day: "If our baby doesn't play soccer, I don't know what. For real. Simmer down. Stop kicking me in the gut."

I wanted to let everyone know that the amniotic fluid continues to be replenished inside of Jenna at a rate of about 0.5 liter each day. While the amniotic fluid continues to come out of Jenna, we are unsure of the rate of the leak (definitely less than the initial flow). There is a very outside hope that the rupture in the membrane could heal. Our last ultrasound was on Monday. We expect our next ultrasound to be at least a week from now. They space ultrasounds to be at least 2 weeks apart because the size error in the images would make measurements meaningless if they are too close in time.

We were worried during the morning monitoring of the heart-rate. The heart-rate was consistently around 150 bpm, but then it dropped to around 80 bpm for about 6 minutes. It turns out the baby moved away from the monitor and then the monitor started picking up Jenna's pulse.

We had some nice visits today with family and friends. My prolific Aunt Mary and Uncle John visited this morning on their way to pick up some Kimes boys from St. Mary's little sibs weekend. I am interested in hearing how Joey, Robbie, and Danny faired at St. Mary's. Jenna's friends Angela, Aubrey, Kathleen, and Jason stopped by for visits this afternoon also.

Today was very relaxing. We watched television Mass and noticed the irony of having the readings be about water (Moses story of drought and Samaritan woman at the well). Jenna also had the hospital chaplain bring her communion. He asked us what our occupations were. Upon finding out that I worked at a Catholic school, the priest asked how we planned on paying for our child. Good question, we're frugal.

We are thankful for making nearly a week with Jenna's water broken. I am worried about going back to work this week. Jenna is so tough, that if she starts to feel different or worse her first inclination is to wait it out. If she feels anything different in her body, I consistently hand her the nurse call button so she can let the nurse know what is going on. I am trying to train her to let the nurses know if there are any issues.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We are continuing to benefit from them.


Annette Morlan said...

We have a change in plans. We are planning on coming to visit now on March 8th. After we visited we are going to go to Wakarusa. On March 15th Dave in going to be in New Orleans. Jenna nurses are there for you make sure you use their great knowledge. I am glad everything is still good.

We gave J.T. a bath tonight and you should see his awesome crazy spikey hair. He's bringing sexy back. Yeah.

Go Tony make sure you watch the race. There have been some good wrecks so far.

becky blevins said...

Hi guys,
just letting you know we are thinking about you. Spanish huh? Alexa should be able to teach you the decade of the rosary todas en espanol. We've been saying it for you that way in all the 5th grade classes.

Love you all--

The Blevins Family

Joseph said...

hey jenna and john, this is jar, and i've heard trickling updates when mom and dad get a chance to call me. sounds like you got yourselves quite the situation there, and must be rough to hear your baby talked about in terms of survival % :( i might be able to sneak up for a visit middle of this week maybe. but of course best of luck and i'll be praying for you guys.


Zach said...

hey jenna and john!
ridiculous amounts of people have been asking me about how you have been jenna. I tell them what i know but i wish i knew more. from what i hear you have been getting better? i guess every day more the better.
robbie told me his parents went up to visit you guys. joe kimes keeps asking about you. im going to try and hitch a ride up there sometime soon. hang in there guys