Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second Day

Jenna is still pregnant-good. Our next short term goal is 3 am Wednesday morning. That will be 24 hours from the second steroid shot which will help the baby's lungs develop. Jenna is starting to settle in a little even though she can smell the amniotic fluid leak. We have been hearing about many stories of people who have been in our situation. For each story there seems to be a unique outcome. We like hearing those stories.

Okay, now for other random updateable information. The fluid consistency is unchanged. No blood, no color. She is starting to take oral antibiotics instead of through the IV. Her white blood cell count was at 22 at last check. The baby's heart rate looked good in the morning hovering around 150 bpm. No contractions or dilations. Jenna has group b strep. Therefore, the baby will be treated during and after delivery for it. Her blood pressure is low, which apparently is not a huge concern. She can only get up to shower and use the toilet.

We are feeling better today than yesterday. I hope that is a common comment for the upcoming month or two. As each day passes, the percentages grow in our favor. We played RISK today with my sister Nikole and my mom. The game ended because Nikole had to get home. Jenna and I tied for first. Nikole came in third. While mom did well in her first RISK game ever, but still was annihilated from the face of the earth by the black army. My mom also brought carmelcorn which was good. We like the healthy visitors.

During the morning monitoring, the baby was being obstinate toward the nurse. Every time she got the heart beat, the baby would move and then bump or kick the monitor. The nurse kept saying to the kid, "Okay buster!" or "We need to put you in time out!" So the first nurse left and got another nurse who also struggled to place the monitor in a good position. After about 40 minutes of efforts they were able to get the apparatus set up and record the beats. The baby is active, and according to the nurse, somewhat defiant.

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ngensic1971 said...

If it makes you feel better to say you won, then you can tell people that.

We love you all