Saturday, February 23, 2008


Another day down! After meeting with our doctor, we have a new goal date. The doctor said that everyday that Jenna is pregnant that is three days less in the NICU. The doctor also told us that babies who make it to 28 weeks have a 90% survival rate and and 90% intact rate. While babies at 25 weeks are 50% survival and 50% intact. The word intact means the child turns out "normal," meaning no chronic lung disease and no learning disabilities. So right now we are between the 50% and 90% time-frame. The 28th week will start on March 4th. The doctor said we should have a party when we make it that far.

The reason 28 weeks is so important is because of lung sac development. Once a child is born, it has all of the sacs (aveoli) that it will have for its life. Therefore, the longer the pregnancy the better, as we already knew. Right now, the baby is only gaining about 15 grams (about 0.5 ounces) each day. More energy is going toward development than growth right now.

Jenna's aunts visited today. They brought a nice basket of goodies and talked for a couple of hours. It was nice to see them.

Jenna is taking a nap right now. She wants to try and stay up for Saturday Night Live tonight. We heard somewhere that Mike Huckabee was going to be on tonight. I don't know that she or I would vote for him, but he is entertaining. But I think Colbert would make for an interesting vice president.

We got J.T.'s (My sister Annette's baby) birth announcement yesterday. We like the camo pants. It looks like he is ready for capture the flag this Thanksgiving.

Continued thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


Joseph J said...

I just published a comment to Friday's post, but I wanted to tell you that I'm planning on visiting on March 4th - I don't want to miss the party.
- love

Mom Kartje said...

OK! You can't have a party without the kids and a cake! I think the party should be on Saturday,March 8th. Tell Mikan we are moving his 28th week birthday party till March 8th. By then he should have enough alveoli to blow out the candle. P.S. John is your spell check working? Ben has the Frisbee and the football in the car. Love you guys, Mom

Ben Kartje said...

May the weak be strong. May the strong be stronger. But most of all, knowing that God will help you through all of your rough times helps you get through the days to come.

With Love from uncle,


Annette Morlan said...

Do you have J.T.'s picture in your room? Mikan needs to see his competition when he is born. Oh wait he was in camo so he won't be able to see him. I think about you guys all the time. We are planning on coming to visit March 15th after we book the rooms for Michigan.

Love you guys

Annette and J.T.