Monday, February 25, 2008

One Complete Week

Another day down! This is officially one week in the hospital. While on bed rest, Jenna has actually lost about 2 pounds this week. The doctor said it is because of the hospital food. The baby continues to appear to be doing well according to all measurable signs. Today is Jenna's last day for antibiotics. The doctor said that if she were to continue taking antibiotics, the bacteria inside her may become resistant to antibiotics. If this were to happen, then the baby would be at risk of having a superbug infection at birth. The doctor also told us today that if we make it to 34 weeks, they may induce labor because the risk of infection inside of Jenna would outweigh the benefits of development that would go on inside of her. Jenna will not allow me to post an update on her use of laxatives.

Jenna was able to work with an occupational therapist for the second time and do bed yoga. In the most serious portion of the meditation, the baby was delivering some serious kicks/turns/twists to Jenna's stomach. During Jenna's bed yoga, I went for a walk along the St. Joe River. It was nice to get outside a little bit.

Jenna's dad came to visit today on his way to Chicago. He brought us some laundry that Jenna's mom did for us. He also brought us Subway sandwiches. All of this was much appreciated. I am not sure if I mentioned this last week, but the faculty at St. Adalbert created a care package of goodies and reading material that Jenna and I are thankful for.

Jenna knitted a baby blue baby hat today.

While I have mentioned that I am going back to work tomorrow, there is a chance for a snow day! We are expecting about 6 inches of snow between late tonight and tomorrow night. I think it is supposed to blow around too! But if it does snow, I won't have to brush off my car because it is in the parking garage. At home, we have a one car garage, so I always park outside and have to remove snow. So, while we are in the hospital, bring on the snow.

Yesterday, Jenna and I looked up George Mikan's biography of Wikipedia. We plan on naming our baby Mikan. After reading about how he became the first big man in professional basketball, we have become even more excited about the name. Before Mikan, there was not a goaltending rule in basketball (they later made the rule because of his shot blocking ability). Also, when he was a kid, he spent 1.5 years in bed with a shattered knee. He wanted to be a priest before going to DePaul University, where he worked hard to develop his agility after being labeled as a clumsy big guy. His parents were also Croatian, like my great grandparents.


Mom Kartje said...

It's a SNOW DAY!! We are digging the sleds out and making snow angels! Nice to know you are warm and toasty in your little nook. Love you, Mom

bgensic said...

You forgot to mention another little known fact about George Mikan. They also named a very popular candy after him. The fruit chewy and always delicious "Mikan Ikes".



Angela Saoud said...

And, the Saoud's are convinced that you're naming the baby Mikan after them.

"That was sweet of them to name the baby Mikan... you know, after Mike and Mary Ann..."