Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jenna's first day alone...kind of.

The baby is still doing well by all measurable signs. Heartrate, kicking, no contraction, no dilation, all is good. The doctor said that Jenna looks really good. It's amazing how much the doctor and I agree about these kind of things. There will be an ultrasound next Monday to give us an update on amniotic fluid levels and approximate baby size. Jenna had a couple of pains that are associated with the baby moving around and hitting some of her nerves.

Jenna's dad visited, played cards, had intelligent conversation, and brought Jenna a Subway sandwich. Once again, it is always good to see family and friends in these uncertain times.

I was able to go to school today and tell some of the story of the past week. I am not sure how much middle schoolers were able to understand about what I told them. They were entertained by my hand drawn sketches of pregnant Jenna. Hopefully, they got the message that having babies is serious business. It is certainly more serious than I ever thought it would be.


Mom Kartje said...

From Autumn:Dear Jenna , I know your going to make it. I think Mikan is a good name for a boy. Just remember God is going to be beside you the hole time. Love,Autumn
P.S. John i bet Mikan"s going to be a great sienetist. Autumn

anastasiaK said...

Jenna--can I send you yarn & needles? Do you know how to knit with double points--to make socks? I'd be happy to put something together for you. I have a lovely yarn store annex mixed in with my quilt shop annex in my house.

Big Brother said...

Sara and I are looking forward to seeing you three this evening. I just want to go on record that if your 'juiced-up' kid goes on any kind of roid-rage while we're there, I will defend my wife and child. Not that Alek will need any defending. See you tonight.

Angela Saoud said...

Jenna dear,

I figured out who Kim is! Drrrr. She's a class manager. I don't know why I couldn't place her while I was there!

Love you three lots! Mikan -- make sure to stay in there at least until I get back into town!