Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night

Still pregnant. Things have remained the same. The doctor said this morning that if I lasted 35 weeks, they would induce me. He also complimented our room and said he encouraged other patients to bring in as much stuff as we have. He also said that my condition was fairly common and that it was people like me with extended stays who "pay the bills" of the hospital and keep it running. Thanks Doc.
Luke Sullivan came by to visit me today while he was working in South Bend and delivered some candy :).
The baby was moving around so much this evening that three different nurses couldn't put him on the monitor. They got the doctor's approval to "leave me alone" for the evening after trying for an hour and a half. Mikan's inability to be monitored is reminiscent is one of John's many toddler temper tantrums in JC Pennys. Might have to break him of that habit early.

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