Monday, February 18, 2008

End of the first day

The baby is still inside Jenna, and that's good. Jenna is done with her third year of teaching at New Prairie High School. The principal made making decisions and the whole process very easy. There has been a lot of support coming from the New Prairie/New Carlisle, and St. Adalbert communities which is great. We thank everyone for their support and prayers.

There haven't been any contractions or dilations. We still don't know if it is group b strep or not. Jenna is going to get another steroid shot at 3 am to increase the lung power of the baby. The amniotic index (some measure of amniotic fluid) is low, with the continuing constant leak.
We are tired and ready to rest at the hospital for awhile. The nurse encourages guests but discourages kids, or adults who are ill. Right now we are trying to make it through the first 24 hours. We are pretty close to that. But we'll wait, see, and react.


bgensic said...

I pray that God may continue to keep that baby healthy and developing...if there is anything I can help with, please let me know.

Morgan said...

Hi, I am a student of Mrs.Saoud I will pray for your son Mikan. When Mrs.Saoud had shown me the pictures of your son I thought that God did this for a reason and if he has a reason then he will keep this little child alive. I believe in God strongly and he blessed Mikan into this world. I hope the best wishes for your child. God bless Mikan's little heart!
-Lexi Harris-

Morgan said...

I am also a student of Mrs. Saoud and also a friend of Lexi Harris. I don't know if you remember me but Mrs. Saoud mentioned me to you. My name is Sarah Bosworth. I have been praying for Mikan and I hope this is okay but Wedenesday May 28 I went to youth group. I asked them to pray for Mikan. God bless every single one of you!
-Sarah Bosworth-