Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day Three

Jenna is still pregnant. She has not had any contractions, dilations, and has shown no signs of infection. The baby is being monitored for heartrate at 8 am and 8 pm each day. This morning's monitoring looked and sounded as good as we can hope for. She had her first bloody nose of her lifetime today. That is due to the dryness of the hospital air. They keep the air so dry so that air-born bacteria/pathogens cannot be spread. The steroids (betamethazone) will have full effect on strengthening the baby's respiratory system (lungs) and circulatory system especially the walls of blood vessels in the brain by tomorrow morning. She has been on a myriad of antibiotics since she came here (zithromax, amoxicillin, and ampocillin?) to reduce the risk of having the amniotic fluid become infected. She is also on a stool softener to reduce the risk of constipation, and that is all I am allowed to report about that. Overall, today was uneventful. We hope to keep the coming weeks this way.

Our hospital room has a window facing south. It is nice to get some natural light into the room. We are looking forward to the lunar eclipse tonight. For being in South Bend, we have actually had some sunlight the past couple of days.

This evening Mary Ann brought us some KFC which was much appreciated.

Cable television offers more options than Jenna and I are used to. Jenna's favorite show on television is Univision Telenovelas. Her goal for the next 12 weeks is 1.) Stay Pregnant 2.) Learn Spanish. I have been catching up on Sportscenter. We also watch the newborn channel for short periods of time (lots of information). We also watch the news a lot.

Jenna is one hot momma.


anastasiaK said...

Oooh! It won't be good enough just to learn Spanish--you'll have to practice those sultry, dramatic, indignant "zoom-in camera shot" faces, too! And wear lots of lipstick. Duhn-dun-duuuuuuuunh!!!

Glad to hear that baby is staying put! We're thinking of you! Let us know if we can send chocolate!

Rho said...

If Jenna learns Spanish while pregnant, will the baby come out Latino? A question for the man of science....

~Rhonda Ladig