Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day Four

Still pregnant. No infections, dilations, or contractions. YES! During the 8 am monitoring this morning, Jenna was laying on her right side for about 2 minutes and the baby's heart rate went down. The nurse came in and made Jenna switch back to her left side. The amniotic fluid continues to come out at varying rates throughout the day, based on the baby's position.

Jenna's mom, principal, and English department head came to visit today. The English department chair from New Prairie had a child at 27 weeks 12 years ago. It has been interesting listening to hear all of the stories from people who have been in similar situations. I think they want Jenna to stick around New Prairie. Jenna's mom gave Jenna a pedicure and a facial, two things I forgot to do in the last 3 days.

We have been doing things to help create an environment of "we're going to be here a long time." We taped up about 15 pictures from our trip last summer throughout the room. We have 3 plants on our windowsill. We put up a couple of posters. Also, a common comment from nurses sounds like, "You guys have more food on your shelves than I have at home!"

We are also starting to do things that will help us from feeling too cooped up. Today's highlights for Jenna were: Taking a shower and using the restroom. Tomorrow, Jenna may be able to start bed yoga. As for me, with Jenna's mom around, I got to go for a walk down by the river. I may have seen a Hooded Merganser, always a good sign.

We appreciate everyone's support and prayers. We welcome healthy (no one who may be contagious/communicable) visitors. If you plan on visiting, give us a call to give you directions because the hospital is under construction and parking is difficult.

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Life in the Bend said...

I'm thinking about you both daily and would love to visit once everyone in our family has been healthy for a significant period of time. A friend was telling me yesterday about her twins being born at 29 weeks - you'd never know it from meeting them.

John, what are you doing about school?
- Betsy